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                Bata online store values its customers to the core. Henceforth, it has come up with its ‘WEB EXCLUSIVE’ collection that is rich in iconic styles and colors. The newly launched range is skillfully and ingeniously crafted with the most sought-after designs for all occasions.

                The WEB EXCLUSIVE range is launched to make its ‘online buyers’ feel privileged and special by all means. Moreover, the intent is to keep the range as trendiest as possible for our online shoppers so that they feel fashionable at all points. The collection comprises of almost all types of footwear for all occasions including flats, heels, sandals, ballerinas and wedges for women and loafers, derbies, casual, sports and formal shoes for men.

                The entire range is synonymous to elegance and creativity. Whether you wish to update your basic collection or you want a season-wise up-gradation, the EXCLUSIVE range is sure to suffice all your needs in one go.

                Scroll down to know about the collection in detail:

                The Cool Casuals: The WEB EXCLUSIVE collection is loaded with an eclectic range of casual footwear for men, women and kids. It is rich in candy colors and awe-inspiring designs. The extensive collection is loaded with footwear in candy colors and chic designs. The range is ingeniously designed by shoe experts for an uber-chic look. It includes open sandals, ballerinas, closed toed footwear, kitten and block heels for women along with loafers, sandals, slip-ons, boat shoes and square-toed shoes for men. So, spoil yourself with the unbeatable collection that is upbeat with the market trends.

                The Dapper Formals: The elaborate range also comprises of classy formal collection to entice the corporate professionals. The entire collection ensures to complete the look of men and women with their sophisticated formal ensemble. From lace-ups to slip-ons, the formal collection for men comprises of shoes in pure leather, faux leather and printed leather. The women formal footwear collection ranges from closed toed ballerinas to pumps and stilettos in high-quality leather as well as material.

                The Party People: The sensual collection has plenty of footwear options for the party regulars. From metallic pumps and stilettos for women to derbies and brogues for men, the glamorous collection is sure to sweep you off your feet for its glam quotient and high-class appeal. The party collection also includes footwear in animal print for a bold and beautiful look.

                The Svelte Handbags: How about enriching your handbag collection with the sexiest options trending in the market? Totes, hobos, shoulder bags, sling bags, messenger bags; name any and we have it in front of you that too in the classiest designs, colors and prints. About that, the handbags are made from the richest material to ensure longevity and durability.

                The Drool-worthy Accessories:  One’s look is almost incomplete without trendy accessories and the web-exclusive collection perfectly fills the gap by showcasing the trendiest options. The collection includes scarves and belts in attractive prints and designs.

                Wait no more and shop for the most fashionable web exclusive range available online at Bata India website (www.bata.in)

                Stay up-to-date with the hottest trends in footwear and accessories collection and alongside splurge on as you scroll through the adorable collection of Bata displayed on its website. The collection comprises of the best-in class range of shoes and accessories including shoes for men an women, belts, ladies handbags, leather wallets for men, clutches and scarves. The range is sure to appeal the fashion aficionado for the authentic and most credible product quality.

                With best-in class services and delivery, you will love the way you shop here at Bata India website. Moreover, you won’t come across any fake promises instead you’ll be overwhelmed with the authentic and genuine services provided by the site.

                The WEB EXCLUSIVE collection online at Bata India website is meant for men and women of all age groups and preferences. The stylish footwear, designer handbags and accessories at Bata India are carefully curated keeping in mind the designer trends and choices of individuals. The best part is the entire collection is not at all highly priced and is genuinely rated to suit your needs.

                The user-friendly interface of the website enables you to buy your favorite picks easily without any hassle. The dedicated team ensures to deliver your choice of product exactly the way it looks to you virtually on the website.

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